how to become a sponsor

Anyone can become a Sponsor of this event, whether you are a business owner or a private person who just wants to help make Midweek Funk Festival become a successful event

If you do decide to become a Sponsor then we have the following suggestions:

Sponsorship ofYou will get
2 x Music Workshops
3 x Live Performances
1 x Big dance hall
1 x Well spent day
€100.003 x Festival Tickets* + placement under Sponsorship section on our website
€250.0010 x Festival Tickets* + placement under Sponsorship section on our website
You choose how muchClick on the Sponsor Now link below.
You can choose the amount you’d like to sponsor.
Social SUPERSTAR SponsorPurchase a ticket or tickets for someone who cannot afford it but would really like to attend

Why Midweek?

We know what you might be thinking – a festival in the middle of the week? Absolutely! The Midweek Funk Festival challenges the norm, offering a unique escape from the midweek blues. What better way to break the monotony of your week than immersing yourself in the infectious rhythm of Funk music?

Whether you’re a dedicated Funk aficionado, a budding musician, or a professional in the industry, this festival is tailor-made for you.

We also will be offering FREE workshop tickets to local schools that run a Music Class. The idea is to allow young aspiring musicians to be in the room with some amazing professional musicians.
We will also be giving away prizes for best Funky Dressed people at the Live Performances.

We do believe that there are plenty of funk music fans who would love to attend this type of festival. Hence, the reason why we need to get the word out ASAP.
It’s a perfect mini break for anyone – enjoy beautiful Co. Clare and get to hear some amazing Funk music
We’re really hoping the people from the local community will come out and support this festival too.

To Become a Sponsor of this event, you can click on the Sponsor Now link above or send an email to me, Kevin Moroney at or call me directly on 087 3314445

Thanks for your support!

Best regards,
Kevin Moroney
Festival Organizer